FabFitFun Winter 2017 Box Add-Ons + Spoilers Schedule + Promo Code

FabFitFun Winter Box 2017 Add-On + Spoilers Schedule + $10 off (25%) promo code: GLAMWAROUS

FabFitFun Winter 2017 Box Update

Some important dates for the FabFitFun Winter 2017 Box have been released! I have included the latest schedule below.  To learn more about FabFitFun , check out my FabFitFun 101 page to learn about subscription options, add-ons, etc.. 

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 The FabFitFun Winter 2017 Box Add-Ons & Spoiler Schedule 

  • October 29th       1st spoiler
  • October 31st        2nd spoiler
  • November 2nd    Add-On Early Access begins for Select members (annual subscribers)
  • November 3rd     3rd spoiler
  • November 7th      Customization opens
  • November 9th     Add-On sales open for all subscribers


**Update** 11-7  Customization Opens Today!

Choice: All members select products based on hobbies and preferences
Select: (annual members only): Pick the design and color variations of your products

What are my options for customization of the Winter 2017 Box?
- Starting today, Choice is open to all Members: Seasonal  (pay for box quarterly) and Select (pre-pay for 4 boxes)
Select Members have the option to further customize their box, as they can pick the design and color variations of their products.

Choice is the option to customize one or more items in your box based on your preferences.
 - To make your "choice", log into your FabFitFun account and click the "Customize" tab on the toolbar while Choice is open!
 - Choice is open for ~3 weeks prior to seasonal boxes being shipped out.
-  For an additional cost, you may choose an additional "Choice item", while supplies last. 
 - All choices are subject to shipping restrictions and availability, while supplies last.
 - Winter 2017 Box: Choice closes on November 15th @ 11:59 PST.

**This season all Members get 2 Choice Boosts**
Choose 1 item from Wellness 
Choose 1 item from Beauty 

Choice Customization Options for Winter 2017 Box

(see below example )FabFitFun Winter 2017 Box - Choice Wellness Boost

FabFitFun Winter 2017 Box - Choice Beauty Boost

Note: If you sign up for a membership after the Choice window closes, you will be able to make your choices starting with the following season.

Customization Options for "Select Members"

 - (Again.. Members who upgrade to Select aka pre-paid for 4 boxes in advance, have the "added perk" of  being able to choose the variations and designs     of additional products in their box. 
 - Select Members also get extra customization options, early access to discounted Add-Ons, priority shipping, plus $20 in instant savings!

(see below for example of Select Member customization options from this season's Winter Box)
FabFitFun Winter 2017 Box Select Customization Options


** Update**10-29 Spoiler #1 revealed today!

Kate Somerville ExfoliKate® Intensive Exfoliating Treatment ($75 value)!

Kate Somerville ExfoliKate® Intensive Exfoliating Treatment
-1.7 fl oz
-Features papaya, pumpkin, and pineapple enzymes.
-Lactic acid (aka AHA) chemically exfoliates skin.
-Silica physically exfoliates skin

**Update 10-31** Spoiler #2 Revealed today!

BB Dakota Poncho in Black, Charcoal, or Mulberry ($70 value)

BB Dakota Poncho in Black, Charcoal, or Mulberry

- This ultra-cozy knit accessory is ideal for layering over your favorite warm-weather pieces. Plus, it’s reversible so you’re getting two pieces in one!

- Available in three colors (black with gray stripes, maroon with black and grey blocks, and dark grey with light grey stripes).
- 65% acrylic, 35% polyester

                                                                     If you want to pick your color, click here to upgrade now

**Update 11-3** Spoiler #3 revealed today!

DOUCCE Freematic Eyeshadow Pro Palette in Smokey or Nude ($70 value)

DOUCCE Freematic Eyeshadow Pro Palette in Smokey or Nude FabFitFun Winter 2017 Box
DOUCCE Freematic Eyeshadow Pro Palette in Smokey Smokey Swatches
Nude Swatches FabFitFun Winter Box 2017
Nude Swatches

-Each palette features 8 matte and shimmer shadows along with 1 highlighter
-Silky-smooth powder formula
-Smudge and crease-free
-Effortless blending
-Can be applied dry for a more natural finish or applied wet for a longer-lasting dramatic look
-Magnetic wells allow you to mix and match other DOUCCE shadows to create your own customized palette

**Update 11-1** Add-Ons for Select Members Starts 9am PST on 11-2




 Save $10 off your 1st box with code: GLAMWAROUS
Fall 2017 Box

FabFitFun is a quarterly (4x a year) curated box which includes $200 in beauty, fitness, and fashion finds for only $49,99. Each box features only full-size, premium products. 

Be sure to use code: GLAMWAROUS to save $10 off your first box! 

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