Michael Todd Beauty Sonic Blend Review

Michael Todd Beauty – sonicBLEND Antimicrobial Sonic Makeup Brush Review

I honestly have never been a fan of foundation brushes. They are a pain to clean and my foundation always seems to end up appearing streaked. Just recently did I finally master the Sillisponge and Beautyblender. The worst part of applying foundation/concealer for me, (regardless of the method) is that I always seem to make a mess out of my acrylic nails. But that all changed after Michael Todd Beauty kindly sent me a sonicBLEND Antimicrobial Makeup Brush complimentary for review. This makeup brush has truly rocked my world! Total game changer for me!



According to to the product packaging, sonicBLEND is the first ever makeup brush that applies makeup at sonic speeds of more than 400+ movement per second. The sonic movements of the brush prevent clumping by dispersing individual granules of makeup into wrinkles, enlarged pores and fine lines for a 3D flawless makeup application It also has built-in antimicrobial protection against microbial contaminants, to help it stay cleaner and fresher longer than a traditional makeup brush. 

sonicBLEND can be used to apply liquid foundation, bronzer, contour, blush, highlighter and setting powder. The end result is a natural looking, airbrushed finish without lines, streaks or creasing. It magically creates better coverage with less product! Minimizing actions such as: rubbing, stretching and pulling of the skin, (as with traditional beauty tools) also promotes better skin health. In addition, using less product can also minimizes clogged pores. 




Inside the Package


System includes:

Cordless, rechargeable sonic brush handle
Antimicrobial makeup brush head
USB Charging Cable
User guide
1 year warranty


How to use sonicBLEND


sonicBLEND lightly buffs and blends makeup across the skin’s surface in smooth thin layers. You can also build coverage and cover imperfections, as well as remove excess product, and disperse it over other areas of your face. Regardless of the level of coverage – (in my opinion) the end result will look natural and airbrushed. 

To apply liquid foundation the instruction booklet states (I will summarize nearly word for word) you should pour a nickel to dime size amount to either the back of your hand or a palette. Before turning the power button on, you simply dip the Brush Head into the product, same for powder foundation.

When applying to your face, you have the option to change your desired speed to low, medium or high First start at your nose (avoiding hairline and eye area) and lightly blend foundation in light strokes and sweeping motions moving toward the cheeks and borders of the face, distributing product inwards toward the center (see above diagram). Then repeat the process for your chin. Then without adding extra product to the brush, blend over the area above your lips and below your mouth.

The instruction booklet also recommends going over your smile area last, as a small amount of product will then be applied, greatly reducing the chances of creasing. When applying to the eye area apply foundation to the outer edge of the brush (while powered off). Then lightly sweep the Brush Head back and forth in short strokes and sweeping motions under the eyes concentrating the product at the lower inner corners where your under-eyes are darkest until you build up the coverage to the desired effect. 


How to Clean sonicBLEND

Even though sonicBLEND has built-in antimicrobial protection, the brush still needs to be cleaned. The instruction booklet recommends replacing the Brush Head after 1 year of use. Replacement Brush Heads, as well as round top and precision tip Brush Heads are available for purchase online as well. The Brush Handle can be cleaned with a dry, soft clean cloth to remove residue or buildup. It is recommended that the Brush Head be cleaned at least once a week or more. Regular cleaning will also keep the hairs soft.

To clean the Brush Head (while powered off) you simply remove the head from the handle by pulling up on the base just below the hair on the Brush Head. Any type of regular makeup brush cleaner can be used, or a mild soap, dish detergent or shampoo. Make sure to air dry on a clean towel for at least 6 to 8 hours. In the event there is significant residue on the Brush Head, be sure to read the instruction manual for further suggestions on deep cleaning. 



My Experience with sonicBLEND

After charging my sonicBLEND for 3 hours, (instruction manual says you must do before 1st use) I nervously prepared myself, hoping to surprise myself with my uncanny “sonic foundations skills”. on my first attempt at using the Makeup Brush. I prepped my face with my normal routine Moisturizer (Dermalogica Oil Control Lotion), Primer (SmashBox Photo Finish Primer) and MAC Studio Finish Fluid Foundation. I then took an empty bronzer palette and poured a quarter (rather than dime sized) amount in there. I gently dabbed the Brush Head into the foundation before turning on. I first tried on the low setting until I got the hang of it.

I more or less held it as I would a pencil and maintained contact with my face while moving in light strokes and sweeping motions, moving inwards like the instructions state. Admittedly the eye area was a bit tricky at first and I still find myself gently dabbing at my eyelids with a Beautyblender once I’m done with foundation application. 

In all I would say two light coats of liquid foundation over my eyes, cheeks and foreheads is all I honestly need now. I use a fraction of what I normally would and my makeup looks 10x better! I found the process extremely simple, not one bit messy and in less than half the time it would normally take me with regular Makeup Brush or Blender. Needless to say, I was shocked by how lightweight my makeup felt on my skin, but even more by how smooth and “airbrushed” my face appeared!!! No creasing, no foundation lines, no overly visible pores. I honestly haven’t even used concealer once since using I’ve started using sonicBLEND!! 



Aside from being a foundation application miracle, sonicBLEND allows me to contour and highlight like a champ! I will also use it to “bake” setting powder on after foundation. In the past, even the slightest amount too much bronzer or contour powder would mean removing my foundation in that area and starting all over again. sonicBLEND easily fixes that problem for me. I’ll just go over the area in a circular motion and it simply blends in.  My face feels so smooth after foundation application with sonicBLEND, it essentially creates a perfect canvas for applying contour, highlight, blush, setting powder, etc.. 

Michael Todd Beauty

Final Thoughts

Case in point – sonicBLEND has benefited me in several ways. My morning beauty routine is much faster and easier. Less mess, nails stay flawless. I honestly will stare at myself in the mirror throughout the day in amazement by how smooth and natural my makeup looks. Usually by lunch time I’m ready to reapply, or on some days just take it all off. My face feels light and no caked-on feeling. Ironically less product equals flawless for me! My only complaint is that it does not come with a storage case, however one can be purchased online for $12. With a one year warranty, as well as the added savings by using less product, I believe that sonicBLEND is a wise investment. 



The sonicBLEND Antimicrobial Makeup Brush is available for purchase online for $79 at:



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