SureFire FirePak Mobile Light Review

I’m pretty sure this FirePak Mobile Light, the brand SureFire sent me (for review) would make a Kardashian envious.


I haven’t shopped around much for phone illuminators, aside from the LuMee (which I still haven’t purchased). Although I would imagine nothing compares to SureFire’s FirePak in terms of power and functionality. I only wish it had a “selfie mode” attachment..

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FirePak is a lightweight, rectangular shaped phone attachment that includes a Li-ion rechargeable battery (powerful enough to recharge your phone 1.5 times). It also features USB and USB micro ports to charge your phone and the FirePak.

FirePak is not only a video light. It doubles as a phone charger and handheld illuminator.  Two high-performance LED lights create up to 1,500 lumens (similar to a 100 watt light bulb) capable of capturing high-quality 16:9 video, (even in areas of no light) – without draining phone’s battery.

In the below video I share a brief demo on how to assemble FirePak and how it works. Just imagine how much better the video would be had I used my FirePak to record!

While it is a bit bulky, the FirePak can be separated from the phone case and stored separately, like a power brick would.  I carry it with me everywhere I go, for peace of mind, knowing I have a high intensity light source, and backup power supply for my Iphone.

As a “newbie YouTuber”  FirePak will also be helpful when dealing with inadequate lighting.

SureFire FirePak retails for $299 and the phone case separately for $30.00

Be sure to check out SureFire’s website to learn more about FirePak

I received FirePak complimentary for review purposes, however all opinions shared are my own.

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