Bellesentials DIY Hair Cutting Kit (Product Review)

I have to admit, I  received some rather interesting products last month for review.  I will be posting several more reviews this week.

OriginiBiz kindly sent me a free Bellesentials Hair Cutting Kit to try out.

The Bellesentials Hair Cutting Kit comes with the following:

  •  Pair of smooth blade  scissors
  •  Pair of textured blade thinning shears
  •  Straight edge tool for cutting bangs
  •  Curved tool for cutting the back of your hair  and adding layers

It doesn’t come with instructions, but it does provide a link to an E-Book PDF and video tutorial on youtube.

I made a short demo video showing how to use it. I didn’t actually cut my own hair, but my sister and I demonstrated how to position the clips.

My mother was thrilled when I told her about it my new hair cutting kit, so for now the kit will stay at her house (she cuts her own hair). I am no expert at cutting hair, however if I ever felt the urge to, I am confident I could with this tool. The scissors are high quality and the clips stay in place. The level is an added bonus to ensure your hair even cutting.

The Bellesentials Hair Cutting Kit costs $16.77 on Amazon :  


Disclosure: I received this product complimentary for review purposes, however all opinions shared are my own. 

Would you consider cutting your own hair? emoji

xo Nicole


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