1960NY CC Capsule Cream Review 

1960NY Capsule CC Cream is a unique skincare product I received complimentary for review from 0.8L and 1960NY. The brand 1960NY is a South Korean beauty line developed by Reskin Cosmetics.

The product works by means of “whitening, anti-wrinkle, spot care and moisturizing the skin”, according to the product packaging.

For those not familiar with CC Cream (Color Corrector), they target issues such as redness, blotchiness, dark spots and salllow skin. CC Creams are lighter in consistency than a BB Cream (Beauty Balm) and  BB Creams multitask as a primer, moisturizer, foundation and may also include SPF. BB Cream skin benefits include toning, moisturizing and correcting. 

1960NY Capsule CC Cream contains ingredients such as Caulerpa Lentillifera Extract, Sea Grape Extract, Hollyhock Extract, Niacinamide, Althalea Rosea Root Extract, Titanium Dioxide, Adensis Leaf Extract, Adenosine. 

The product comes in circular jar (2.7 FL OZ). The package is simple, yet attractive. The jar I received was labeled as a “Casule Cream“, rather than “Capsule Cream” – which I assume is a typo.
The CC cream is a collection of tiny, orange cream-filled capsules suspended in a gel base. The capsules burst once applied to the skin, releasing the cream which you then blend in using your fingers.

1960NY CC Capsule Cream
Looks like Caviar

Upon opening the jar the contents has a slight lemony scent which disappeared once the product dried.

The packaging instructs you to apply after “sun cream” and blend in easily. During the testing of this product, I did not apply any products over the CC Cream. Overall the capsules blend easily, if you do so immediately after application and after a regular moisturizer, in my opinion. I tried applying to bare skin and found the product appeared a tad orange and slightly streaked. The product does appear darker before blending. Once dry the coverage is somewhat dewy and sheer. The orange color is a bit on the dark for my skin tone. I would likely apply on days I plan on not leaving the house.

Once applied and after blending

In terms of “whitening” ( I interpreted that as meaning brightening), I did notice a subtle effect. My skin did feel hydrated throughout the day. In terms of anti-aging effects that is yet to be determined, as it takes time to see notable change with any anti-aging product.

Overall it is a decent product I feel would work best for those who don’t wear full coverage foundation, yet seek the added benefits of hydration, “whitening/brightening” and supposed anti-aging benefits this product offers.

What are you some of your favorite K-Beauty products?

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