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Hard Water has been a recent enemy of mine. Living without a water softener for the past several months has wreaked havoc on my hair. I was recently introduced to a product called Dchlorin8, which is nothing short of a miracle product. Before I discuss Dchlorin8,  I will briefly explain how hard water and Chlorine affect your hair.

What is Hard Water?

Hard water is “water that contains the minerals: magnesium, calcium, and iron salts. Soft water is “natural or treated" water that does not contain significant amounts of above said. The “hardness” of water can vary depending on where you live

 How does hard water affect my hair?

Hard water can make it very difficult to fully rinse your hair of shampoo, conditioner and styling products, leaving behind a residue. Your hair may feel like straw, have a filmy residue and appear dull. Hair may also become thin and break easily. You may also notice brassiness, frequent need for hair coloring (as hard water can cause color to fade rapidly). Your scalp may also be dry and itchy, as well as your skin in general. In hard water, soap reacts with the calcium to form "soap scum". Hard water makes it very difficult to create a lather with soap, therefore requiring the need to use more soap, shampoo, laundry detergent.  According to the US Geological SurveyHard water can even shorten the life of fabrics and clothes.

My experience of living with hard water is classic textbook example, as I have been dealing with all the above. To put things in perspective I literally will use all of the hot water before my shower is over because it is extremely difficult to rinse my hair completely before the water turns cold.

This map from the USGS below shows the different levels of “Water Hardness” throughout the united states.


I don’t need to worry about Chlorine affecting my hair? It’s only in Pools, right?

Wrong! Chlorine is also used to treat tap water. Swimmers may notice this more, as Chlorine damages your hair and skin by stripping it of the natural oils, leaving it dry and hair prone to damage. In this article from Allure magazine, a dermatologist describes how Chlorine affects the hair and skin.

DChlorin8 – A miracle in a bottle

It was honestly a blessing when Dchlorin8 reached out to me on Twitter asking if I would be interested in trying their product. Dchlorin8 "is a natural leave in conditioner designed to restore softness and brightness to the hair by reducing the effects of chlorine and minerals from the water. It also claims to remove yellow from grey hair."

 Dchlorin8 was founded by Basil Yankoglu, a hair stylist with 35 years of experience.  Yankoglu was inspired to create Dchlorin8 after noticing that hair that was regularly exposed to chlorine was damaged, dry, and easily tangled.

According to the product website: "The positively charged particles in Dchlorin8 bond with the negatively charged metal particles found in chlorine and other minerals. Once bonded, Dchlorin8 closes the cuticle, leaving your hair soft, silky, and exfoliated."


Of course I was eager to try this product in light of my hard water woes. I washed my hair with my regular shampoo Pureology Hydrating Shampoo and then skipped on applying conditioner (while in the shower). I then applied 3 pumps of Dchlorin8 to my still damp hair before blow drying. The bottle states you can immediately apply your regular styling products, however I wanted to see the full effects, so I skipped the serums and only applied heat protectant before blow drying. Dchlorin8 was designed to be a leave-in conditioner, rather than a conditoner you would use in the shower, to protect your hair from the effects of hard water and chlorine AFTER rinsing your hair. If you applied it while in the shower, then rinsed it out, it would be pointless to use.

Dchlorin8 literally brought my hair back to life after one use!! My hair normally feels like crispy straw after blow drying. My hair now feels baby lamb soft, without the wild frizz I’m used to dealing with. I have naturally curly, thick/fine hair (a lot of fine hair). My hair is relaxed with a thermal ionic relaxer, so lots of damage on top of hard water hell! I plan to color my hair next week (dark, dark brown), so I am crossing my fingers my color lasts longer than 2 months, as it was right after Christmas when I had last colored my hair. It has since faded from dark brown to bronzy lighter brown.

I would encourage everyone, especially swimmers and hard water sufferers to use  Dchlorin8.

The conditioner costs $19.95 and can be purchased directly by visiting Dchlorin8 website: 

Has hard water and chlorine affected your hair?


Dchlorin8 is an all-natural leave-in dechlorinating conditioner.


  • mckennakydd

    I came across dchlorin8 when my hair stylist suggested it to me. Being an active swimmer and water bug, this product has saved my hair. It’s super easy to use and incorporate into your daily hair routine. I never used much product for my hair but this is an all in one, great product that leaves my hair feeling smooth, conditioned and healthy. 10 out of 10 recommend!!

  • Travels of a beauty addict

    Oh my gosh – I have had a nightmare with my hair being EXACTLY how you describe since I moved to Thailand – I assumed it was the change in climate but your post has made me totally realise its the change in water!! Thanks so much, fingers crossed this realisation is a game changer!!! x

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