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How to Easily Remove Facial Hair Without Waxing or Plucking (Qstick Review)

For the last few weeks I have been testing a facial hair removal/epilation/threading type tool called the Qstick (i received complimentary for review). The Qstick is 8’’ long tool in the form of flexible, bendable metal spring coils with plastic handles on each end. The coils pull out facial hair in a tweezer-like fashion. You basically press it against your skin and then twist. Much easier than one would think. Trust me

Qstick Facial Hair Removal Tool
Qstick Facial Hair Removal Tool

The Qstick is meant for the face, upper lip area and chin. It should not be used on or around the eyebrows. I primarily used it on my chin and cheeks, only once on the upper lip. It does take some practice to use on curved areas of the face. You will need a mirror and good lighting to see and effectively remove all the unwanted hair.

As one would expect with most types of hair removal, you will experience some discomfort, as you would with waxing or threading.

In my experience with Qstick, the first time using was the most uncomfortable and lessened after each time thereafter. I did not experience any lasting irritation, or redness whatsoever after using this tool.

In the nearly 2 weeks I have been using this tool I used it on 3 different occasions. My upper lip and cheek area only required one use (so far) and my chin I have used 3 times – as it seems my chin hair grows back extremely fast (my problem area). I am curious to know if the hair will grow back slower with repeated use.

Qstick Facial Hair Removal ToolQstick Facial Hair Removal Tool

Qstick Facial Hair Removal Tool

Qstick Facial Hair Removal Tool


How To Use Qstick: Step-By-Step Instructions (Plus My Suggestions)

 **Do not use on on skin with open wounds, on skin with rashes, eczema, hives, rashes, acne, dryness, or irritated or swollen skin. The manufacturer also recommends a preliminary patch test before first use. Use on a small area of skin then wait for 24 hours before proceeding with using the tool.

  • Use on clean, dry skin.
  • Hold the ends of the Qstick between your thumbs and second fingers in each hand.
  • Bend the spring to roughly form a an inverted “U” shape and place it flat against the skin where you want to remove hair.
  • Roll/twist the ends of the Qstick inwards and outwards in a continuous motion to make the springs pluck the hairs. Make sure to move the Qstick against the direction of hair growth.
  • Around the lip area I suggest making a “blowing balloon face” while removing upper lip hair. That will make it easier to move the Qstick over that area.
  • The company recommended to moisturize your face after using to close your pores and soothe the skin. Cleanse then tone first, followed by your moisturizer.

So How Do You Clean This Fancy Tool?

**It is my personal suggestion to clean with rubbing alcohol, but do at your own risk (not sure if it would cause rusting long term).  I DO NOT recommend reusing anything that touches your face, it it has not been sanitized. I would much rather purchase a new Qstick if it started to rust, rather than develop an infection from bacteria growing on a dirty tool.

Final Thoughts

I am overall impressed with this tool. Minimally painful, although beauty is pain. It is simple, cost-effective ($9.99) and easy to use. A great alternative over waxing and smelly hair removal creams. I am hoping with repeated use I will have to use less frequently on the chin area (3 times in 2 weeks vs once every 2 weeks with waxing/depilatory cream).

Where to purchase:

Here is the link to purchase Qstick on Amazon:

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How to Easily Remove Facial Hair Without Waxing or Plucking (Qstick Review)


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