Lé Edge Face and Body Exfoliator Tool (Product Review) 

I have tried every type of body exfoliant product out there, yet nothing compares to Lé Edge Face and Body Exfoliator Tool in terms of greatness. Admittedly, I was a bit skeptical to try it when it arrived in the mail (I received complimentary for review purposes). I would have never believed that running a piece of stainless steel across my skin would be more effective than shower scrub and a loofah sponge.

The instructions for use (summary) are as follows: Use Lé Edge in a hot shower or bath, with or without applying extra cleansers or facy or body oils, to help soften the skin before using.

I used my Lé Edge tool in a hot shower and the next day a hot bath. I first lathered my skin with water and body wash, then held the tool at a 45 degree angle with firm pressure,then proceeded to exfoliate my arms, legs, chest and stomach. I could not believe the amount of dead skin that came off! It took all of five minutes to exfoliate the majority of my body. The combination of hot water and shower wash softened the dead skin, aiding in its removal with Lé Edge. That part is key! Your skin must be softened in order to work optimally. I don’t see how it would work very well if your skin isn’t moist.

After only one use, my skin was left feeling smooth, without one bit of irritation. I immediately applied lotion head-to-toe upon exiting the shower. My skin has never felt so smooth during a Minnesota Winter!

In addition to general body exfoliation, I anticipate that Lé Edge will do wonders aiding in self-tanner/spray tan. I cannot wait to use this before applying/removing my spray tans, as I try to maintain a faux summer glow during the warm months.

Disclaimer: Do not use Lé Edge if you have cuts, abrasions, rashes, burns or open areas of skin. Please consult with a healthcare provider before using Lé Edge if you have diabetes, or any skin condition, or health condition for which using Lé Edge may be contraindicated.

To learn more about Lé Edge Face and Body Exfoliator and to purchase, visit http://www.le-edge.us/

Also check out my YouTube review and demo of Lé Edge

xo Nicole

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