My favorite products from Sally Beauty

My Sally Beauty Must Have’s

I always feel a sense of accomplishment after my trips to Sally Beauty. I walk out with bags of product, without my bank account going in the red. I always end up finding some magical item that I never knew existed [and at that moment] I now can’t live without. Over the years I have tried countless products that SB carries. From makeup, to hair products, hair color, nail polish. I’ve tried more products than I can count. I honestly could spend days reviewing every product I’ve tried from SB.

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My list of “must have’s” is infinite, but I would like to share some of my favorites. I’ve also updated this post to include the latest sales and promotions at Sally Beauty!

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My Sally Beauty Must Have’s

ion hard water shampoo and conditioner (at Sally Beauty)

Ion- Hard Water Shampoo
Hard Water Conditioner

I have extremely hard water where I live, which wreaks havoc on my hair. I alternate both of these products with my regular shampoo and conditioner, 1-2 times a week to remove hard water mineral buildup.

Hard Water Conditioner $7.49 | Beauty Club Card $6.79
Hard Water Shampoo $6.79 | Beauty Club Card $6.29


Ion Keratin Smoothing Shampoo & Conditioner  (at Sally Beauty)

I love Ion’s Smooth Solutions product line because it keeps my hair smooth between relaxer treatments. The shampoo and conditioner replenishes keratin, adds moisture, strengthens hair and eliminates frizz. It is safe for color/chemical treated hair. It is also Sulfate free, which is a must for anyone with Keratin treated hair.


Caruso - ProSet Steam Hairsetter  (at Sally Beauty)

Caruso – ProSet Steam Hairsetter

If you haven’t used steam rollers before I highly recommend them. I have extremely fine hair which breaks easily. I discovered Caruso’s ProSet Steam Hairsetter set a few years ago. It uses molecular steam, rather than damaging heat to create curl. It comes with 30 rollers, a steaming tray [which you fill with water to steam the rollers) and a storage bag. If you set your hair first, then do your makeup, your hair should be all set in a half hour or less. My fine, pitiful hair will stay curled/waved for at least 2 days. For me steamrollers work better than hotrollers, or a curling iron.

$48.99 | Beauty Club Card $43.99


Tinted Thermal Hair Straightening System  (at Sally Beauty)

Tinted Thermal Hair Straightening System

Before I share anything about this product, I do not advise purchasing this product and using it yourself unless you are a trained professional. I swear by this Tinted Thermal Hair Straightening System I have fine, naturally curly hair with an undefined curl pattern. Frizzy mess if left untreated. Basically my hair is an oxymoron, as I have “thick, fine hair”. I only have to use this relaxer twice a year, which saves me hundreds of dollars as compared to getting a Brazilian Blowout 2-3 times a year. My hair literally stays frizz free and smooth for months until I have to get the regrowth touched up. Unlike a Brazilian Blowout, this is a permanent straightening system.

$32.99 | Beauty Club Card $30.99

Bitzy Custom Eyeshadow

Bitzy Custom Eyeshadow  (at Sally Beauty)

For $1.59 each, these eyeshadows are a steal.

The pigment is vibrant and shadow applies smoothly. You even get a free compact when you purchase 4 shadows.

My favorite shades are

MoonstoneAu NaturaleParty in the CityHigh Spirited

1.69 | Beauty Club Card $1.59


Bitzy Build A Palette Pink Eye Color Compact  (at Sally Beauty)

Bitzy Build A Palette Pink Eye Color Compact
$1.69 | Beauty Club Card $1.59


Bitzy Mechanical Brow Pencil - Brunette  (at Sally Beauty)

Mechanical Brow Pencil Brunette
$1.69 | Beauty Club Card $1.59

Color glides on easy and doesn’t smudge. Great to use when in a hurry



Aphogee Two Step Protein Treatment & Balanced Moisturizer  (at Sally Beauty)

Aphogee Two Step Protein Treatment & Balanced Moisturizer

$3.99 | Beauty Club Card $3.59

This deep conditioning treatment is great for seriously damaged/dry hair. It is formulated with magnesium and modified proteins which fuse into hair with heat application. Heat causes the treatment to harden into the hair which restores moisture. hair becomes more manageable, flexible and strong. Breakage and split ends stop. Seriously does magic for my hair. I use 1-2 times per month.



 Heat Resistant Storage Case & Thermal Mat by Sally  (at Sally Beauty)

This heat resistant mat doubles as a handy storage case for travel. It has an adjustable Velcro closure and allows for storing styling tools of various sizes.

Ardell - Natural Demi Wispies Lashes  (at Sally Beauty)Ardell – Natural Demi Wispies Lashes
$4.99 | Beauty Club Card $4.49

My favorite brand of false lashes. Have been using for years. They are super easy to use, lightweight and look and feel natural.


Ardell - Dark Lash Grip Adhesive  (at Sally Beauty)

Even though the Ardell lashes I use have an adhesive band, I use this glue just in case. A little bit goes a long way and it holds my lashes securely in place. Dries quickly and is super easy to use.


Beyond The Zone -Turn Up The Heat Protection Spray  (at Sally Beauty)

The only heat protectant spray I ever use. It is humidity resistant, smoothes hair and adds a “heat defense” barrier that protects your hair from dying and heat related damage from appliances. Does not weigh hair down, nor make it feel greasy.


Moist Hemp - Bronzing Moisturizer (at Sally Beauty)

I use this moisturizer year round for a subtle hint of color. It does dry my skin, so I mix it with Vanicream or Cerave. It contains Hempseed Oil and CoQ10 complex which conditions, firms and apparently hydrates the skin. Color is noticeable after 2-3 days. Does have a smell, which lessens once lotion dries. I have never had any issues with staining clothes or sheets.



Beyond The Zone- Smooth Criminal Humidity Blocking Hair Spray (at Sally Beauty)

I love this hairspray because it leaves my hair feeling smooth, with natural, long-lasting hold. It protects against humidity, is silicone free and does not weigh my hair down. Leaves hair smooth and natural-looking.

One of my favorite leave-in conditioners, as it soothes broken, brittle hair minimizes the appearance of split ends. It seals, smoothes and protects the hair cuticle. Eliminates frizz without leaving a heavy, oily build-up. It is also sulfate and gluten-free.



Tool Structure - Backcomber Tortoise Comb (at Sally Beauty)

Cutest little backcomb I’ve ever owned. Works great for teasing hair. The handle serves as a thick tail for separating and parting hair. Perfect size for purse and makeup bag.

Gelish Mini Starter Kit (at Sally Beauty)

Gelish MINI Starter Kit (at Sally Beauty)

 I love Gelish so much, I will have to save all the details for another blog post. I have been doing my own gel nails at home for the past couple years. I am no expert, but I did get the hang of it pretty quick. I don’t have the patience, or time to sit and let my nails dry for an hour. It takes me all of 30 minutes from start to finish doing gel nails. For anyone starting out, I highly recommend purchasing the starter kit. It comes with everything you need, including a LED curing light. The kit comes with two colors Gossip Girl (a bright pink) and Good Gossip (red glitter). It also comes with the Basix essentials kit which contains the following: MINI Gelish Ph Bond, MINI Gelish Foundation, MINI Gelish Top It Off, MINI Gelish Nourish, MINI Gelish Cleanser, and MINI Gelish Artificial Nail Remover.


Manic Panic Cotton Candy Pink Semi Permanent Cream Hair Color (at Sally Beauty)

Someday I will be brave enough!


Ion Color Pigments - Neon Purple (at Sally Beauty)
I am obsessed with this color depositing conditioner! Gives my dark brown hair a slight violet tint, which builds with each use. It doesn’t or hasn’t (I should add) stained by skin or tub. You simply apply to wet, shampooed hair in the shower, leave on for 5 minutes then rinse!
What are your favorite picks from Sally Beauty?


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