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Do you enjoy trying and reviewing a variety of new products, as well as sharing your opinion with others? Are you a blogger, and/or active on social media?

If yes, then Influenster would be a great network for you. Influenster is a website for Social Influencers. In exchange for honest product reviews, (on the Influenster site and  social media platforms)  Influenster will send you a box of products collectively referred to as a “Voxbox”.

What exactly is a Influenster VoxBox? 

A Voxbox is a free box of full-sized products and coupons, for you to try and review. A VoxBox is attached to a campaign, which runs anywhere from a couple weeks to a month.

Each VoxBox campaign has its own campaign badge and each product in the VoxBox has its own product badge. To unlock “badges” you will need to complete a certain number of tasks. The more badges you earn, the higher your impact score (I’ll explain that later).


Required tasks include: 
Sharing reviews on the respective product website.
Creating and sharing a YouTube video.
Sharing on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumbler,  blogging, or sharing a product list on the Influenster site.
To unlock the chance to receive “bonus products” from brands, you may have the opportunity to complete additional tasks, such as writing a blog post, vlog, etc..


How to Join Influenster 

  • Influenster is a free program to join and open to anyone.
  • Visit and register by email or sign up with Facebook. I attached my sign up link below as well  (disclosure: I will receive referral credit if you sign up through my link)
  • Influenster Referral Link You can also download the Influenster App for free for Android and iPhone (I highly recommend this).
  • Be sure to check your email for a confirmation message to complete and verify your account.


To-Do List After Signing Up for Influenster  

  1. Connect your Social Media Accounts  (visit Social Impact page for more details).
  2. Answer Snaps –  Snaps are quick surveys asking you questions about certain products. You may also be asked to write a quick review on a product you’ve tried (you will submit your review on the snap page). Snaps are basically questions to determine if qualify for a VoxBox
  3. Earn Expert & Lifestyle Badges  Badges are ways to show you are an expert in a certain area ex. Fashion, Beauty, Cooking, Travel. Frequently VoxBoxes are geared toward Influensters with certain “Expert and Lifestyle Badges” Reviewing products on the Influenster site, posting questions and answering questions from other Influensters on the site, and creating lists are ways to earn towards your  desired badge. Visit the Badges section on your dashboard to learn more about unlocking badges and earning points. 

What is my Impact Score and What does it Mean?  

On your homepage you will see a number and next to it a Reach Diagram. Your Impact Score is based on how “influential” you are. Connecting your social media accounts, unlocking Badges and being active on the site and with each VoxBox promotion are all ways to increase your score.

Growing your Social Media following will also increase your score. Referring members also helps. The higher your Impact Score, the more VoxBox’s you will be eligible to receive.


Important tips  

Anytime you receive a product from Influenster, it is important you disclose you received this product for “free or complimentary” in every single social media post and comment.

Be sure to follow all instructions on using correct hashtags and disclosure in all Social Media posts.

Be active and complete tasks.
Check in your VoxBox in once you receive it. You can do that on the website or from the app.

The more tasks you complete, the more likely you are to receive future VoxBox’s. Share frequently and as soon as you receive your VoxBox.

Provide thoughtful, detailed honest reviews.

Take well lit photos.

Check your email frequently.

On occasion Influenster will send out emails with campaign qualifier surveys to see if you qualify you for a particular VoxBox campaign. Be sure to be prompt in replying to these emails.

If you have been chosen to receive a VoxBox you will receive an email congratulating you on being accepted into that campaign.

Complete the Post-VoxBox Campaign Survey after completion of each VoxBox Campaign.

Participate in Twitter Parties and Virtual VoxBox Campaigns.


Below I have attached photos of several VoxBox’s I have received in the past. Again, all products I have received were sent to me complimentary from Influenster.

My latest VoxBox aka Twinkle VoxBox contained an awesome variety of products. My favorite being COVERGIRL So Lashy by BlastPRO Mascara.

Check out my Instagram and Twitter page to see my posts and reviews about my Twinkle VoxBox.  

My Twinkle VoxBox is pictured down below (first photo on the left).

Below is a list of all the wonderful products I received for free in my Twinkle VoxBox. 

Aquarium Daily Moisturizing Lotion
Coupon for $2.50 off any Aquation skincare product
OREO Thins
Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak Unscented Dry Shampoo
Hills Bros. Hot Cocoa
Country Crock Buttery Spread coupon
Reynolds Cookie Baking Sheets
Axe White Label Night Body Wash. 

If you have any questions about my experience with Influenster, I would be happy to answer them. You may also visit the Influenster website for further questions.



xo Nicole

Instagram: @missnicolelynn1

Twitter: @_nicole__lynn_ 

Pinterest: @glamwarous1

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